About me

As a teenager and later a young person, I was more attracted and driven by the human sciences and by humans in general. But, due to my limiting beliefs and lack of finances, I’ve studied initially Economy and I got into the corporate world, where I thought I would find what I need: money. And I was partially right: I found the money, but this was not what I needed.

From every job that I’ve had, I’ve learned a lot and this is how one position drove me to the next one, on and on. And no matter how much I was learning about T&L, business cases, finances, risk analysis, ROI & IRR, MADJV, when ending a job, my biggest take away was what I’ve learned about humans, about healthy (or sometimes not) connections, about what drives, motivates, scares, hurts people.

So, after years of hard work, studies, therapy, mentoring and soul searching, I have decided to add my transferrable skills from my previous professions to all the knowledge that I accumulated through studies and go towards what I always wanted: to help people.

And as much as I agree with Snoop Dog, who thanked himself when receiving the star on the Walk of Fame, I am very aware that I wouldn’t probably dared to make this drastic career change if I wouldn’t have had one of my oldest friends, one amazing therapist, who was mentoring me when I had no idea what mentoring is, who was treating me as one of her colleagues when I had no idea what a therapist does.

I’ll end this by sharing with you, the one who reads this, my pledge: I will always continue to learn and improve, emotionally and intellectually, so I can continue saying, together with my clients: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Studies and certifications

  • Technicien en Hypnose – Academie d’Hypnose et Communication d’Expert
  • Formation en thérapie centrée sur la Personne – Association Francophone de Psychothérapie Centrée sur la Personne et Expérientielle
  • Bachelier en sciences psychologiques et de l’éducation – Université Libre de Bruxelles
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